Project Nicholverse is a Go!

Long Time, No See!

I’m back on my blog. It’s been a while, but I thought that it was way over due that I return to my blog and get things done. With Nanowrimo around the corner, it was time to return and get back to my project.

As you noticed, I stopped posting here. I decided that what I wanted to do and achieve I could do on Instagram. And I did. It, along with my university work, allowed me to explore new avenues of creativity and hone my skills as a writer. I’m better for it. Now, I’m much more prepared to work on the project I started at the beginning of the year.

I’m in the process of reviewing what I’ve done so far, so I can get my head back in the game. The advantage of having time apart from a project allows you to look at it at a different angle than you did before. I’ve got so many great new ideas. However, we’ll see how they work when I get into the guts of it.

What now?

Firstly, I’m going to create an outline of the project based on the planning I’ve already done. It was going to be the next step in the Snowflake Method; however, I didn’t get around to finishing it. The outline is going to follow a similar structure to an outline/treatment for a movie project because I’ve been doing a lot of them lately for university. It will breakdown the sections of the story into blocks. These aren’t necessarily scenes or chapters, just blocks of action/plot.

The project outline should be posted on the blog on Halloween.

What’s next for the project?

It has always been my desire to show you every step of this project’s journey. That’s the main reason why I’m back on the blog. Every day, I’m going to post what I’ve written in its raw form. Therefore, there will be no edits, no spell checking, no backspaces. So now it is time to write.

A PDF of the text will be uploaded each day on a blog page. I’ll be creating a new page every 10 000 words or so with a reflection at the end. I’ll also be posting what I think is the best line of the day on Instagram.

Project: Nicholsverse

One thing I still need is a title. I’ve had this idea for a long time and it’s yet the name has escaped me. I’m open to suggestions. Or any other suggestions with character, plot or style.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. It’s going to be a wild month.

Please leave a comment below if you have any comments, critiques or advice. I will be happy to hear from you. You can add comments, suggestions or ideas on our FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash