Ho Ho Holiday Writing Prompts

Ho Ho Holidays Are Here

This month is all about the magic of the ho ho holidays. It’s about sharing and giving to others. So in this spirit, I give the gift of ideas. If you want to, you can submit your ideas in the comments below or on our social media pages. (Links above and below)

Ho Ho Horrible Implications

Ho ho ho. He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake. That sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it? We will have to be thankful that Santa is a kind jolly old elf and not some tyrannical ruler who uses our secrets against us. Or that he keeps this ability safe from those who wish to do that. Can you imagine someone with access to that sort of power? 

All I Want For Christmas Is…

You? My two front teeth? My freakin’ bike? I don’t have a problem asking people what they want for Christmas, and Brandy will always have a list prepared, however, whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas I’m like a reindeer in the headlights. I like to pretend that it’s because I’m into the spirit of giving and that I’m being charitable (and I am). However, it’s mostly because I have no freaking clue what I want for Christmas. Or more to the point, what I want I know no one is able to get for me at this point in time. 

So, this brings me to my next prompt. If time, space, money and the laws of physics weren’t a problem, what would you like for Christmas?

May All Your Christmases Be Hot

When you think of Christmas, you think of decorated pine trees, dashing through the snow and hanging your stockings on the fireplace. Obviously, that’s not how everyone celebrates, especially those south of the equator. My Christmases are marked with sweltering heat followed by relentless storms, plastic trees with fibre optic lights and BBQs on the patio. 

But there was one Christmas I’ll never be able to forget. Share your most memorable holiday story.

Ho Ho Holidays For All

In Australia, other holidays aren’t talked about much. It’s something that needs to be changed. There are a plethora of unique and significant holidays that are celebrated around the world this time of year. While I can search the internet for more information, I’d rather hear about it first hand from those who celebrate them. 

I’ll be posting my stories along with my responses to these prompts in the next few days. So keep your eyes out for more.

Happy writing to you.


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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