You Make Your Choice (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

April 15th 2076

You sit at your desk, in your tiny dim office going through inane paperwork that you’ve been buried under for the past few days.

“Are you allergic to peanuts or any other type of tree nut? Yes or No?”

You make your choice.

“Are you allergic to shellfish or fish? Yes or No?”

You make your choice.

It drags on.

You begin to feel tired; the warm, humid air dulls your senses. Your eyes are getting heavy. You stretch and yawn.

She’s there waiting for you.

Her black eyes stare into yours, scrutinising your every move. They are infinite. They are empty. They are old.

Your body jerks up; your mind resets itself. It tries to erase her image, but she hides well. She hides behind your eyes. You fear that you may never get her out.

“Are you allergic to wheat or wheat by-products? Yes or No?”

You make your choice.

After a while the words on the screen become blurry again, your legs begin to cramp. It’s time for another walk.

The corridor outside your door stretches as far as the eye can see. The night shift crew is on, but most of them would be at mission control, so the corridor is empty. You’d be in there with them, but you have to get all the clearances first, hence the mountains of paperwork. But this time has given you a chance to explore the other parts of the facility.

On your right, the corridor leads to quarters for the staff that need to be on site at all times. You have one, Dr Thana’s old one, but again you haven’t been given clearance. On your left are Mission Control and the other offices, including Director Ferryman’s.

Make Your Choice

Left or Right?

This is a sample of chapter 1 of Fear Itself. If you wish to make your choice, start here at the prologue.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash