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Attachment 2: Record of Proceedings: Summary March 29th, 2076 to April 4th, 2076


To: Mission Controller Ferryman (MISSION)




1. This is the official proceedings of the Global Space Command Ship LLOYD WRIGHT, under my command. All times are –UTC –5 hours.

2. Loss of power on March 30th 0435 HRS for 36 seconds. Cause still unknown. FE Hafner is still investigating. She suspects random EM surge detected minutes before incident. More detailed report attached.  It wasn’t random.

3. Preparations for Easter celebrations underway. MMS McPhail has planned the hunt for day before, with considerations to health and safety procedures.


4. All engineering systems, including engines, had to be restarted due to system failure. Main engines took 25 minutes to restart after diagnostics.

5. Diagnostics have been completed on all electrical, computer and engineering systems. FE Hafner reports no lasting effects after power failure. That were reported.

Fuel Logs

6. P Choice reports 0.13% of secondary fuel reserves used because of engine restart procedure, within tolerance.

7. All fuel reserves at acceptable tolerances. Comprehensive fuel log attached.


8. Course adjusted after power loss by 001.2 mark 000.4 degrees. The analysis shows that there is no significant delay in schedule due to interruption.

9. No other considerable course adjustments logged.


10. PS Akira has completed initial preparations for foundation set up. As a result, all Mars drones linked up successfully.

11. MS Beaufort has reconfigured layout Eden 1 to include new mining operations because of the updated mineral deposit scans.

12. EMS Tuatahi behind schedule with educational modules 6.6.5 and 6.6.6 because the power outage damaged outgoing transmissions. Next possible transmission 5th April at 0700 hours.

Health, Welfare, Conduct and Morale

13. The outage had no discernible effect on overall health and moral.

14... For the most part, morale is moderate, which is to be expected due to three months of interplanetary travel. The Easter celebrations should pick up the mood a little.


End of Record.

Commander Donald Ramirez


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