Writing Prompt #4 – Where Did The Time Go?

Time To Write

Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve just blinked and another week has gone by? You look back and discover that you don’t know what happened. Some interesting studies attempt to explain the phenomenon. According to experts from Scientific American, our brains only record new experiences, not overly familiar ones. The more new experiences experienced, the longer the event appears to be in hindsight. That means my life has been pretty ordinary of late. I’ve got to spice things up a bit.


Writing Prompt #4

Well to do that, let’s have a look at today’s writing prompt. Hopefully, we can fill up those gaps with something a little more interesting with what was.

You wake up in an unfamiliar bed, not knowing how you got there. You think it was the result of another heavy night’s drinking and bad decisions. When you check your phone, you see that it is fully charged, but the date…? That can’t be, right?

 What happened? That’s up to you to decide. As always you can leave a response in the comments sections below. I’ll post my response next Wednesday.

Until then, happy writing to you.



My Response

“What did I drink last night?” I muttered to myself. The sunlight from the cracked open curtain violated my eyes as I struggled to open them. “I gotta stop doing this,” I thought. At least I was in my room and not some stranger or a hotel room. Last time it took a little while to get rid of the infection.


My phone sounded as loud as a bell in a clock tower.


“All right!” I shout into an empty room.


My hand scrambled around the bedside table; my eyes still not in focus.


“Bloody Hell!!!”

The thump on the hardwood floor told me that I had knocked it on the floor. I got up with a loud sigh.

‘6:30am Today – iMESSAGE ALERT.’

“Really, this early in the morning?!”

SANDRA: Where u bin bae? I’m gettin’ real worried bout ya. Noones heard from ya.


ME: Its on 6:30 in the morning. You know I don’t get up until at least ten on a Saturday.

I didn’t understand the big problem. My mind hadn’t realised the whole situation.



ME: What?! That’s ridiculous. I’m a heavy sleeper, but not that heavy.

I checked the date on my phone just to be sure.


At that moment my phone began to ring, marked ‘PRIVATE.’

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash