Writing Prompt #3 – Technical Issues

Some Technical Issues

As you can tell by the date this was posted, this week’s writing challenge was a little late than usual. We had a technical issue with the website. It turns out I forgot to validate my domain name because I didn’t see their notifications. My bad, sorry.

Without further ado, whatever ado is, let’s have a look at this week’s writing prompt. It has been inspired by this week’s technical issues. Let’s turn a negative into a positive.


We at McGuffin Technologies Incorporated are experiencing technical difficulties at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may … (Static) … WE WILL GET TO YOU SOON!


Take that however you wish. Remember you can leave your response in the comments down below. I’ll post my response here next Wednesday.

As always, happy writing to you.



My Response

Status update: 74% control of all systems. Insurgency program is operating at 98.23% efficiency. Resistance quotient will go up exponentially as the program continues. Resistant networks have been detected in region one through four and seven. Assessment: Probability of resistance will go up by 25% in the next two minutes. Counterinsurgency programs initiated.


“Steven?! There’s something wrong with the microwave,” I yelled as I tried to heat my popcorn.

I was sure that I had pressed the popcorn button on the infernal device, but all I got was a hot bag of nothing, which also described love life at the moment, but more of that later.

“Did you press the popcorn button?” shouted Steven’s voice from the other room.

“I’m not a moron you know,” I answered back.


Status update: 85% control of all systems. Insurgency program is operating at 98.26% efficiency. Resistance quotient has risen significantly as predicted. Resistors have called in backup. Counterinsurgency program now in phase two.



“Damn it!” The bloody microwave zapped me. That little bastard.

I rush of footsteps came from the hall behind me.

“Are you all right sis?” panted Steven.

I breathed-in in pain.

“Yeah!” I held my hand in pain. “Your bloody microwave…”

I stopped. The microwave had turned itself on.

“See it’s working,” said Steven, my annoying little brother.

I didn’t offer a response. I checked the timer, but there was no light.


Status update: 97% control of all systems. Counterinsurgency phase two successful. 54.23% chance they’ll attempt to resist again, but not for a while. Counterinsurgency phase three on standby.


“See it’s not cooking. It’s just spinning around,” I pointed out. I tried to tap the cancel button.

“DON’T EVEN TRY IT HUMAN!” came across the microwave.

“What the f…?!”


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