Steel Eagle (Part 1)


“Steel Eagle has been hit. I repeat Steel Eagle has been hit.”

Those were the last words Eniiyi thought she was ever going to hear. Her body had been floating alone in the coldness of space above Hope Station for over five minutes. The flight suit had been blown off, leaving only her singed thermals. She had no protection from the vacuum of space apart from her unique physiology, and even that wouldn’t last.

“I’ve failed,” she thought. She had destroyed the fanatic’s raider from destroying the colony, but let the rest of them escape. It was a victory, but she knew that with her death there would be no one to protect the outer system colonies from the fanatics that harassed the region. “I can’t do this on my own.” Eniiyi lost consciousness.

The next few days were a blur as Eniiyi began to regain her senses, her hearing first to recover. She could hear everything. First,  the medical staff as they described her body’s supernatural healing abilities. Then, it was the cries of sorrow as loved ones were told that their mothers, fathers, lovers and children had died or were permanently injured. A few days later, it was the cries of pain as the medical staff ran out of sedatives and pain medication. But it was the stories of the kidnapped school children that broke her.

Eniiyi would have cried if she could.

It took over a week for her body to recover from the ordeal. She sat on the metal table that had been her bed. Flickering light and a single set of footsteps were the only sounds she could hear. Her body filled with pain as her lungs filled with stale air. Her body was moving. “I will never fully heal,” she doubted.

hope station


The rusted door creaked open. The scent was familiar.

“Director Hinna,” she groaned. “Forgive me for not standing up.”

“That’s not necessary, Steel Eagle.” The Director’s voice was shaken, far removed from the confident leader Eniiyi met a month ago. “You’ve done more than anyone could ask.”

“My job is to protect the innocent and stand for justice. I’ll do whatever it takes.” She said the words, but they felt as empty as the room.

“I’m sorry for abandoning you here, but we had to evac….”

“I know,” she interrupted. “ I heard everything, including…” She couldn’t say it. She allowed it to happen.

“Yes,” he filled in. “They took Sara.” For a moment Eniiyi could feel him about to weep, but he held together.

“My condolences to you and your family, Director. I will do what I can to find her and all the others.”

She could smell the scent of sweat and desperation as the Director moved in front of her. Her skin twitched at the feeling of uneasiness he brought to the room. He met her at eye level.

“I know you would, but you and I both know that you are not strong enough to do it yourself.” It pained Eniiyi to hear that, but she knew it to be true. “You need help, Steel Eagle. We need help.”

She had sent several messages to the Hero Society and the Inner-system authorities, however, she didn’t get any reply back. Someones or something was interfering with the signal.

“Please! They’ve raided three other stations, this week. We can’t survive for long.”

Eniiyi knew that the situation was truly out of Director Hinna’s control. People in the outer regions prided themselves on their independence. This was a desperate man because he was asking for her help.

No Hope (Steel Eagle)


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